Our vision and policy of work

Our team of web professionals combine their skills with modern business thinking following the new Internet philosophy and requirements. Our goal is to give you a product that will improve your business and your efforts. Therefore, we offer quality, modern thinking, experience and partnership.


The principles and policy we follow during the execution of each of our projects are as follows:


- Participation in the making of terms of reference
Participation in making the terms of reference allows for better contact and understanding of the issues between the two parts. In this part we offer options how to achieve the ultimate goal most professional, we present alternative proposals and their pros and cons, we become accomplices of business processes at the customer.


- Implementation of projects without upfront payment for their development.
During the project the customer did not pay anything other than our costs, which include buying a domain, hosting or hardware witch will be provided to the customer.


- Implementation of projects of 100% on the job.

Each contractor prefers to perform job with templates which in almost all cases it is not possible to cover the requirements in 100%. There are also cases where templates have more options than requested. In both cases the customer should make a compromise. At first when you can not be met the requirements of 100% remains "defect" in the final product, and duplication of requirements leads to unnecessary costs and increase the final price. Another drawback in the use of existing applications is that with time out new demands that can not be implemented or require the purchase of a new version. We offer exactly 100% performance and specific guarantees that with minimal resources can meet any customization.


- We perform larger projects in phases.
This allows the most necessary features to be put into operation in the shortest possible time.


- Optimal hardware solutions.
Many product developers play it safe when it comes to hardware. They do not make the necessary calculations for the capacity of the machines. We re-sizing the correct hardware by providing information about its necessary and sufficient conditions.


- The price of the final product are included and changes that can be implemented after the adoption of the assignment.
We allow for some changes in the job at no extra charge in the final product after its final adoption. Of course, these changes have some limitations. They should not change the logic underlying algorithms and functionality of the final product.


- Provide source code.
In all cases we provide all written source code and libraries to the customer. Thus we are not bound to each other. In this case the customer has the opportunity to hire others to support or further developments.


- We do not have licenses.
Once you have purchased a product from us it can be used indefinitely in the company of the customer, without the right to resell or rent without our consent.

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