About Us

BKY Solutions is a company of young and intelligent people with a number of successes in the sphere of their activity, which by this company combine efforts, knowledge and experience to offer a high quality product to meet customer needs.


Who are we?

We have known each other since we were kids. We played a ′guards and thieves ", the "hide and seek", dig into the sandbox. Literally. Now we decided to put our friendship to a next level. Each of us work in the area, which like and were is good, and together we offer products that bring satisfaction and profit to the client.


What are our strengths?

We are workaholics. We listen our customers, not just hear it. We get in a word. We are not lazy, not shuffle things around. We do everything with pаssion and 100 % concentration.


What services do we offer?

The main types of services that BKY Solutions offers are as follows: